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Ten steps to forging strategic partnerships/relationships
for your business.

A client of mine recently realized their 150+ partnerships were completely unmanageable. They were randomly handled by the Business Units without any governance and consistency, mainly deal driven, no way to track growth or progress and, most importantly, did not align to their company's strategy and principles. We have taken the following steps to get them on the right track:

  1. Prepared a Heat Map to gauge BU penetration
  2. Utilized an internal and external questionnaires to interview BU leaders and partners to gain insights
  3. Created a future value system to rank and choose the right partners for the right reasons
  4. Gained consensus and ensured right level of participation from all parties
  5. Determined strategic intent and big bets with top tier partnerships
  6. Chartered detailed business plans with common goals and objectives
  7. Set up a sustainable internal and external communication platforms
  8. Implemented common and consistent measures and reporting
  9. Executed plan
  10. Maintain, refine and re-evaluate on an ongoing basis
As a result, they have gained value driven, purposeful and governed partnerships that create predictable growth in market share and mindshare...


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