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"Pete and I worked together at HP in the IT function from 1997 - 2000. Pete led the IT community on the large San Diego site supporting five thousand employees, contractors, and visitors. He envisioned and implemented a novel IT organization which we viewed as a model for such IT teams. He was an early leader in outsourcing when he moved the tactical IT support functions to both outside vendors as well as to a centralized HP IT organization. Both the external and internal outsourcing provided the opening for Pete to task his team to become a strategic partner to the business organizations on site. His focus on strategy created an intimate relationship with the business executives resulting in a welcomed improvement in collaboration. This focus led to improved IT governance with business ownership for both performance expectations and cost management. Pete's team excelled at maintaining a true and perceived "customer first" approach while many IT teams remained internally focused. Pete's skills at customer relationships and out of the box problem solving allowed his customers to set higher expectations for partnering with IT at a crucial time in their business model evolution."
Mike Rose - Former HP CIO

"Aysin led a team of MBA students on an IT value capture project. She not only helped the team to understand business processes for the project but also established a path forward with set tasks and clear milestones throughout the project. She also taught them tips to become an effective consultant. It was a great learning experience for the students. She was always accessible, positive, and result oriented."
Murat Bayiz - Assistant Professor of Clinical Operations Management at USC Marshall School of Business

"Putting her heart and soul into her work. Thinking outside the box. Attention to detail. Always seeking to understand first, then to be understood. Bringing her "A game" to work every day. Making people around her better. These are the qualities why I really appreciated the opportunity to work with Brooke. Oh BTW, she also happens to be a highly competent marketing & sales consultant, and professional coach."
Kerim Tumay - VP of Marketing

"Aysin brought a unique blend of strategic advice and operational acumen to help drive forward multiple work streams of the IT Strategy refresh at our organization. Over 9 months of her partnership with our team, she contributed with valuable ideas and approaches on business/IT collaboration, value management and on creating timeless strategic frameworks. Through her contributions, she enabled greater alignment to the strategic messaging not only within IT but also with execution partners and business divisions. For me personally, it has been excellent getting to know and work with her. Look forward to another opportunity for that soon."
Vardini Vishwanathan - IT Strategy and Planning at WellPoint

"Aysin's most notable and somehow unique attribute is her ability to contribute in multiple fronts, equally effectively and all at the same time. Aysin achieves this by: first taking the time to understand the organization, operating model and future plans of her client's business; second by quickly and effectively building key working relationships with various leaders and their teams; last by leading multiple work streams toward a common goal. Thus, working with her is like having multiple and parallel consulting engagements, yet at the price of one. Not a bad deal for anyone's business. It's also noteworthy that since Aysin leverages her clients' teams, what she leaves behind is a highly energized / high performing set of teams with clear delivery targets in addition to the leadership with a sound and executable strategy."
Ozgur Turkgench - IT Strategy and Planning at WellPoint

"Brooke has the unique talent of combining her skills and experience in Business Consulting and Coaching. She can bring out the best in her clients by understanding their personal strengths and their core values so that their business can be a reflection of who they really are. She can also find the best qualities that differentiate a business from competition to be used in marketing and business strategies. She has a very holistic approach which works better in today's business environment. She not only creates your marketing and business plan but also can identify the barriers you may be facing in reaching your goals with her coaching skills. Her contribution is very valuable for any entrepreneur and any business."
Turul Sengul - Business Owner, CEO

"Aysin is a rare combination of strategic thinker with an extreme ability to operationalize the strategy. She assisted us in renewing our global strategy for one of the business units to chart a path for the future. Her ability to work across organizational levels, provide insights and quickly bringing the leadership to consensus differentiates her as a strategic advisor. She is a pleasure to work with and I will work with her again without any hesitation."
Munish Gupta – Global Head of Cloud Applications Business at Cognizant

"Aysin worked with our global team across US, Europe and Asia in helping craft our strategy towards transforming our business. She was able to quickly grasp our goals, build relationships and provide a objective view of different approaches we thought through. Her counsel helped us arrive at a common point of view quickly and efficiently, thanks to her balanced view between the strategic and operational aspects. In particular, her ability to assess risks associated with different approaches was invaluable. I don't think we could have converged to a common view in such short time-frame without Aysin's guidance."
- Ashish Mahadwar, SVP & Managing Director, Enterprise Application Services & Mobile at Cognizant

"Aysin's ability to operate strategically and tactically are the business skills and qualities we needed for our strategic program. She was quick to grasp our objectives and bring creative solutions that matched our style. She is high ethics and high impact and I would look forward to working with her again."
- Allen Shaheen, SVP Strategic Programs and Technology Solutions at Cognizant

"Aysin is an extraordinary professional with a drive for success. She takes charge, builds strong relationships and drives results. She stepped in and drove the SAP relationship to the highest level and subsequently generated millions in incremental revenue for BearingPoint in a single year."
- Joni Kahn, SVP, Services and Support at ArcSight / HP

"Brooke has a natural talent for marketing strategy born from her many years of working directly with clients. She also easily bridges the gap between sales and marketing due to her years of sales experience and having walked a miles in their shoes. As marketing manager,Brooke developed multiple sales-play books and lead generation campaigns, and was instrumental in the launch of Harte-Hanks' suite of B2B marketing analytic solutions. I highly recommend Brooke and would welcome the chance to work with her again."
Kitty Franklin - CMO

"Aysin is a top-notch strategic leader who helped us at Cognizant. She worked with me and other members of the Strategic Team to establish the core foundation of new productized offerings. Aysin brought forward a wealth of experience based on her experience within the Enterprise Software and Management Consulting industry. She was immensely helpful and great to collaborate with. I have no hesitation in recommending Aysin."
- Harnish Kanani, Vice President, Professional Services at Taleo

"While working with Aysin at Cognizant, she was instrumental in helping us define new ideas and develop business cases to develop new non-linear products/solutions for several different industry groups. Because of her expertise and capabilities, she was able to play a key leadership in such as areas as defining a venture capital model oriented approach to analyze and hone in on worthwhile new ideas that could become new products/solutions, developing business case templates, working with our industry groups in developing robust business plans and providing overall end-to-end guidance to take new ideas to market. It was a pleasure to work with her!"
- Mike Matte, Managing Director at Intersect Group

"Aysin Neville leverages her strong business acumen and years of experience with a keen ability to impact change for the better and drive organizational success. She is organized, motivated and intelligent as well as insightful as to what motivates people to excel. Aysin provides a definite leg up to any organization looking to improve their business outcomes."
- Beth Carroll, Vice President, Customer Success, Varicent Software, Inc.

"Aysin has successfully been completing projects for me for over 15 years. In addition to her knowledge of finance and accounting, process analysis and re-engineering, and contemporary technologies, she consistently approaches her engagements with a sincere interest, thoroughness and commitment to excellence."
- Paul Ciandrini, CEO at Hydrapoint

"Aysin worked closely with the executive teams of several of my customers in the Western Region, either playing a role on the steering committee or meeting regularly during an implementation. Her industry and consulting experience proved invaluable to these customers and the advice she provided was thoughtful and well received. It was always a pleasure to introduce her to one of my accounts because I knew that they would immediately engage and her presence would create a bond of trust between the client and our consulting team."
- Karin Maday, RVP West Consulting at Oracle

"Aysin provides her clients with fresh perspectives, insights and ideas from her deep expertise about corporate strategy development. She has a remarkable breadth of knowledge of other functional areas, such as finance, marketing, and operations. She is expert at really listening to her client and then asking the right questions to seek the best decisions and action."
- Winnie Paauw, Principal at Windon Enterprises